I can’t figure out what I did, but now any object I select will not stretch vertically or horizontally

I cannot figure out how to select an object and be able to stretch evenly or unevenly. Rather is show a strange selection format. I have used this since 2019 and never had an issue like this. It must be a setting or something I changed unawares. I used to be able to lasso an object and if I helps shift on a corner and stretch or shrink scaled. Or in one direction. So not sure what changed.

All of the size and position information is in a toolbar on the left side of the LightBurn screen Just below the top row of Icons.

If you click the Lock and Lock it Height and Width should scale together.

With the Lock - Unlocked you can scale height and width separately.

If you select the object and right-click, do you get an option to unlock selected shapes?


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On the very bottom of the LightBurn window is a set of toggle switches to enable / disable various selection controls including movement, scaling, rotation, and skew. Did you turn off the one for Scale?


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It might be best to share a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing. :slight_smile:

The shape may be ‘Locked’. Locked shapes are shown without the usual selection controls, since they cannot be altered while locked. To resolve, Unlock selected shapes to allow them to be edited again.

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