I cannot get Lightburn to start/Connect WIN10👀

The voltage is 13.5 at the socket.

I thougth I had found my problem it was an acc connected to the computer and it was messing up te com port then Last night I did something that caused thr laser to lock up when I turn it on I feel the motors engage and the fan comes on but there is no homing, I have went so far as to uninstll the software and reinstall thinking that would clear the problem but that did not happen I have included screen shots of lightburn One other item is it normal for windows to beep when the program is running such as on pause or stop or remove the usb?

Cuts and Layers

Is this the LS-40 you’re working with or the Ortur?

Cool… Which socket? It’s also good to know you’ve got a volt meter.

Was it a USB Hub or something else?

This something, was this a hardware thing? or settings? The good thing about settings changes is that they can be changed back.

If you turned homing off $22=0 that might have done it.

Yeah, I understand the temptation but that rarely helps and can add further opportunity for unknowns.

I’ll start with these next.

I don’t get a beep from Windows 10 if I do a job or pause a job.
I get silence. I do get the USB connect chime which is 3 notes (like the three NBC notes only much faster) and the USB disconnect chime which is 4 fast notes steadily down.

If you’re getting the USB connect or disconnect chimes while running a job you could have a failing cable or USB socket.

You’re not connected to the engraver so I can’t tell much from this.

Also not connected here.

With just the engraver connected to the Win 10 device, and with power to the engraver and the computer, click the middle button in the bottom row of the Laser window and expand the menu. Check to see if there’s an active COM port and if it’s there, select it so LightBurn can talk to it. When you connect you should get some useful information in the Console window. If it’s not there, we’ll go look for the driver.

You can Select and Copy the text from the Console window and paste it into a reply here.

I have no idea what is going on and I beleive it is my computer almost has to be as Sainsmart has sent me two boards the first was a replacement thinking the original was damaged and that did not help so after some back and forth Sainsmart sent me a board that had GRBL flashed on it so I could use for Lightburn and Laser GRBL. My last post was grasping at straws and I have no idea what I did but the machine started to home itself sort of it now returns to the top middle but that is as far as it goes, I turn the laser off and move the gantry when I turn it on it goes to the bottom and back to the top with a shudder when it hits the limit switch. I cannot control it from the software my only solution I beleive is to put this LC-40 on the shelf and purchse another Laser, I had an Otur and it worked out of the box but it needed some tuning up and belt tightening which I felt was wrong and sent it back, it did work if anyone has a suggestion for a laser under $300 dollars let me know. I did figure out how to find my posts thank you
Thanks for the help

Hard to tell. Can you plug something else into the USB port on the computer to check it? A cel phone data cable is a good choice.

New board… ok… that comes with it’s own idiosyncrasies.

Ok… This is gold.

If it homes toward the top and the switch isn’t there it’s a Machine settings problem. If the switch is at the top it may not be working or plugged into the wrong spot.

If the engrave head isn’t moving left or right while homing, this would be unusual and you may want to confirm that the x axis motor moves the laser left and right.

Well, we’re here… and if you decide you want to run some tests…
get it powered up and we’ll try to get it connected and communicating. I have no sign that it connects to your computer and to LightBurn.

Every laser engraver is going to require some learning. If you’ve only used LightBurn on one computer, trying another computer to help you get connected might be a good idea. Some USB cables are Charge-only and they don’t pass data. If you accidently swap one of those cables in and try to communicate it goes absolutely nowhere.

I went looking for this message as soon as I saw your other question about how to find your posts. I still believe that you have a good chance getting the LC-40 going.

I have no idea why but now it is engraving a lightburn pic T7 with only one glitch, I had the power set to high, dropped from 100% to 50% and walla it is working but not very aggresive

I have it set to go four rounds in hopes of cutting it out.

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