I cannot join the lines in this project

Shape that will not join.lbrn2 (6.6 KB)

I cannot join the line A to the shape B even in node editing mode.

What am I doing wrong?

I have tried clicking on the following:

Close paths

Close selected path with tolerance

Auto join selected shapes

And possibly some others that I cannot remember right now.

In Settings, I have snap to grid and snap to objects both selected. Grid Snap Distance 0.1mm; Object Snap Distance 1.0mm.

Again, what am I doing wrong, that a simple thing, such as joining two lines, is so difficult?

RalphU is right, you can only do it this way. But you decide for yourself whether your object should consist of 2 areas or an area and a line. After all, your line is not connected to the rest of your form.

Shape that will not join2.lbrn2 (10.8 KB)

OK,I obviously do not quite understand exactly what a shape consists of.
Even if I put in a node to connect the line to. It still won’t do it.
I just expected it to work, because it always has in Vectric Aspire.
Ah well, more study needed. :joy:
Thanks for your replies.

Maybe we could understand you a little better if we knew when and how you need to “combine” multiple objects. Try to come up with another example or explain what is not as you want in my 2 examples. It is always interesting to “see” the tasks from another side, so there is gain for both of us :wink:

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