I can't calibrate the cam

I try to calibrate, when lastest version , i have no problem to calibrate

but i buy a k80 and now, no fonctional
i’m frenchg sorry for my english

Bonjour Jérémy.

What happens when you push the capture button?

nothing …
i can push but no response

Hmm… the image looks okay to me. Can you try raising the pattern a little closer to the camera so that it fills roughly 1/9 of the whole image?

Also, see if you can improve lighting.

i have try all, most lumos, and try different level of motif :frowning:
i try 5 hours …

i download lightburn 0.9.01 and its work

What? That’s really weird. If you upgrade now do the calibrations stick?

i try to calibrate with older version and i come back to new … very weird

new version of lightburn dont support my cam :frowning: cryiiiiiiiiiiiing need a solution !!!

no it’s work but it’s not funny to uninstall version for older to install camera

So the camera will work in the latest version after it has been calibrated in an older version? But you cannot calibrate with the latest version?

exactly, impossible with the new version but ok with the older

Can you try setting this switch (defautl Capture System) and seeing if the behavior changes?

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