I can't get K40 endstops working in Lightburn

Hello there and first can I thank you for an absolutely amazing piece of software. This software does so much for so little money. I have been using now for a few months and I can say the best value software I have ever purchased.

Now to my problem and I apologize in advance if you have dealt with this problem a million times before but I don’t want to hijack someone else’s thread.
The problem I am having is with my endstops. The unit homes and does just what it should if I home inside Prontaface and indeed if I home that way and then quit out and use Lightburn then my last area is set just right that everything moves as it should in Lightburn. The problem is in Lightburn it is not using the endstops. If I have the gantry in day the middle position and quit out of Lightburn and go back in, it treats that position as the home and then if I move the X and Y directions within Lightburn to the extremes the head just rams into the endstops and grinds at the belts.
I am sure I have the config.txt setup correctly and can upload if it helps. The strange thing as mentioned earlier is that everything works correctly in Prontaface. Y homes as it should and then returns to the origin as activated in config.txt. X direction also homes as it should.
I am using Hall type endstops and I have them set so there is no retract at the home so just stops. The accuracy of these endstops are that good that I feel I don’t need a retract.
I am (and this will probably be the reason) using a MKS Sbase 1.3, running Smoothieware. I have various versions to see if that helped but unfortunately no go. I am currently using the latest Cohesion version.

I have tried for so long to short this but had no joy, so finally I thought I would ask on here. I rarely all for help with things computer related etc as always persevere with things until I sort the problem out or follow other people’s requests and solutions but unfortunately this time I am stumped.

It is not a problem that needs your undevided attention as I have lived with it this long, I could easily live with it a little longer. It just frustrates me that I can’t fix it.

Thank you so much for your time.

Well I actually solved the problem tonight.

It turns out that I have the MKS board and stepper motors, etc running from a second power supply. I had the ground tied into the laser power supply ground as advised but for some reason this was causing an issue within Lightburn and stopped the end stops from working as they should. I removed the ground tie in and everything works as it should.
Both of the power supplies are obviously grounded but just not linked together anymore. Strange but I am happy it’s finally working.

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