I cant get started

I cant even download the free trial, can anyone help?

it sounds weird, from where are you trying to download the file and to what kind of computer?

From the website. a laptop, windows 10 64 bit

I am unable to help but you mention in this post you downloaded the trial and said the trial period is over. Have you used the trial previously?

One of the Lightburn team will probably help at some point.

Thanks, I have no idea about any previous usage… I am 5 months in my new job, no clue what went on before. I am very very skeptical on the matter of help. The good folks at lightburn don’t seem interested in making contacting them easy. So, if time is money, I am definitely wasting both here. This is beyond frustrating.

They are a small but very dedicated team and are always kept busy, they will respond be paitent.

The good folks at LightBurn have a ‘Contact / Suggestions’ page on their website that includes an email address. We also just woke up. :slight_smile:

If you click the ‘Extend Trial’ button on the license page, then paste the trial ID it copies to your clipboard here, or in an email to support@lightburnsoftware.com we can reset the trial for you.

Sorry man, I cant even figure out how to get the email to work, I know, I know I must be really stupid, but, it will not work.

cut and paste, back and forth, open this, open that, soooo many hoops to jump through, sooo easy… nope, nope, nope, like sponge bob says 6 hours later… nope, nothing, nada, goose egg…maybe tomorrow? maybe later in the week? maybe never? who knows, but I love the anticipation… nothing is working out here…

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