I can't see Ruida 6442S (or 644XS) when installing the trial version

Hi, trying to install the trial version of Lightburn on my win7 pc. I can’t see the Ruida 6442S or any other brand of machine in the options window? I’ve had a look on the forum and all i can see is a post where someone is telling another to download the DSP version? there is only the 32 or 64 bit version to download and neither gives any indication if they are DSP or not

Can you post a screenshot of what your device window looks like?

Thanks for the reply.

I can search for my laser but then it doesn’t find anything. here’s a screenie.

And how are you connecting to the laser? And the laser was on before you loaded LightBurn, yes?

yeah the laser was on and using USB cable. I can send a file to it from Lightburn using the self-added option but when it goes to engrave it, it works it’s way towards the outside of the cutting area and then the head fouls the machine case.

Well if you can successfully connect, maybe we should work on the other problem. What do you mean by ‘it works it’s way towards the outside’? Does it seem to be missing steps? What does it do when you try to engrave a square, for instance?

I have a drawing i want to engrave and the top right corner of the drawing is 10mm down and 10mm in from my origin point (which is home, top right on my machine) The drawing itself it 100mm x 100mm. When it startes to engrave, the machine only moves around 30mm down from the origin and starts at the bottom of the drawing and works it’s way to the top of the drawing which is back towards the origin point and therefore the top of the drawing is obviously outside the boundaries of the drawing table, hence it fouls the outer wall. Hope you can understand my issue? The cutter is a 900x600 with the Ruida 6442S controller. The bed size is set at 900x600 on the controller and in the self-added cutter in Lightburn. The settings have also been saved to the controller as well. This is why i was asking why i can’t see the cutter when setting up Lightburn

Yeah, you shouldn’t have an issue with that controller. You could try another USB cable, perhaps. How long is the one you’re using now? You could also try setting up Ethernet, if that controller supports it. We use Ethernet here with our RDC6442G. You’d need a router or a hub, and a couple of cables.

You should also make sure you’re using the correct origin in Device Settings.

yes the origin is set correctly in that panel too. The USB cable is a couple of metres long. I have a spare one i’ll try and there is an Ethernet socket on the machine too, i have a connection in the workshop so i’ll try that and let you know how i get on.

no difference, i checked both USB cables on my house PC and they both work. Ethernet cable makes no difference either and it’s set up with the correct IP address.

No difference in the connection and recognition of your controller? Was there any difference in engraving?

I didn’t check to see if there is any difference in the engraving as nothing has changed in the settings. I’ll try it again to see if the new cable would have made a difference although i doubt it seeing as they are both working fine.

Still doing the same with the other cable.

When you installed, did you let it install the suggested drivers and the suggested C++ files?

yes, on both versions (32 & 64 bit) neither made any difference, the cutter isn’t showing.

Going really basic, have you rebooted after installing AND not run RDWorks at any time before attempting to run LightBurn? RDWorks and LightBurn running at the same time can cause conflicts.

Do you get the connect tones when you plug your laser into your computer’s USB ports?

yeah i reboot as a matter of course when installing any software whether or not i get a prompt to do so. I uninstalled RD works before installing Lightburn and the ding sounds when i plug in the USB cable

If you have already configured your laser, LightBurn won’t configure it again - you’re already connected to it and communicating.

Make sure you’ve set the origin point in LightBurn to match the homing location your machine goes to when it powers up. For the other issue, try this: Change the “Start From” setting in the Laser window to “Absolute Coords”, and read here to understand why that might fix it: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CoordinatesOrigin.md

I have ensured origin point is the same as homing point (top right in my machine). I’ll try the “start from” suggestion and let you know if it makes any difference

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