I discovered Scan Offset

Today. Was starting up a tumbler job. Pulled up the file that was used for their sample. Ran one, and it kind of didn’t look good. My usual settings for tumb’s are 140/25%

I messed around with my speed settings, and was down to around 100/15%, and it was going to take me 15 minutes per tumb on a 3" x 3" graphic… WTH?

Edges looked ragged for the lack of a proper term. I remember seeing something about scan offset, so I decided to create a 10mm x 10mm on a sacrificial tumb that I had laying around, which was no problem btw.

So I jumped into SO. Threw her back up to 140/25%, and messed with it. Nice clean square of powder coat removed. I felt like the monkey did in 2001 when he killed another with a leg bone.

Not sure why I had to go through all that, but I learned something, so not all was lost.

Have a great one. Back to tumb’s.


After several years of learning how to use my laser I to discovered Scan Offset. Got to admit it was the best adjustment I ever made on my machine. Using over scan also made a big improvement to my work quality. Since dot width was made available I do wonder why these adjustments took me so long to discover. Lightburn really is a fantastic software package once you find out how to use it

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