I don’t even know what to call this

I have no idea what happens it happened before and I was lost but it didn’t do it after and now it has happened again. The flower I stopped when I saw it had did something weird the alligator I didn’t see it till the end.

Perhaps the laser is shutting off due to overheating?

There’s no feedback from the laser to the head, so the machinery continues scanning back and forth, even though the laser isn’t doing anything.

If that’s the case, then you must keep the laser cooler by using lower power or improving the flow of cooling air through the laser head.

it did not stop that is the issues it was an image so it was making just one pass and everything was one way then it just changed at one line interval. the painted one made me think was you mentioned but the wood burn was proof it just stopped doing what it was. I even closely looked at the wood to see if maybe the wood had a seem and it changed density but I did not see anything of the sort. the last time restarting the computer and laser fixed everything. so I dont know. maybe there is something to the over heating and it just starts loosing strength or something. I will give it another go this evening after work and see what happens. it was mainly just a test to see if i was able to prepare the image in a useable form.

Perhaps instead of shutting off completely, the laser head reduces its power, which would then reduce the burn intensity. The rest of the machine has no way of knowing what just happened, so it continues merrily on its way at the same speed.

I admit to guessing, but this sort of thing has happened to other folks with diode lasers, particularly the newer high-power diodes. It seems the cooling “systems” on those diodes are somewhat under-qualified for their job.

If the laser always starts out working fine and fails during the engraving, that pretty much identifies a cooling problem.

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