I don't know how to describe this problem

As you will see in the file there are 5 small squares around the circle, they are meant to be 3mm square.
It is obvious that the one at the top of the picture is correct the others are not.
I click on the squares with the mouse and they all are 3mm…but they are not…I use the measuring tool and the 4 that are not are 2.15 and 2.38 mm…
I have just changed one of the squares to 6mm and clicking on it, it’s 6mm square but the measuring tool says 4.76mm…very strange…

Merlin… :ghost:

Without seeing the picture, it seems like a classic case of mechanical backlash.

This guide, particularly the alignment sections near the end, will help adjust your machine for accurate results:

One loose setscrew can make a mess of things, so pay careful attention to the details!

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