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I find myself in the constant need to measure items that I’m about to cut in Lightburn. Lightburn has of course, a ruler funtion. The need to constantly click in and out of that window is more often than not, a hassle. I found a solution that works well, Its a SVG on screen ruler that I downloaded from Vector Ruler SVG Generator. Its customizable, and once imported into Lightburn, can be saved as a lbrn2 file by it self. Then, when your doing a design or about to cut, simply import the file onto your workspace and you have quick measurments on hand. Its super accurate, and super handy. I assign it to a tool layer of course…


Small addition: it might be even easier to put it into your design library instead of opening/importing a lbrn2-file each time. Just open your library and drag it into the workspace.

Though, personally, I can’t see any advantage over the usual measurement tools (I never use any rulers, I define the size of objects using the width and height options etc.). I can’t imagine how trying to align to another object would make things easier :slight_smile: But if it works for you, it’s perfectly fine.


Thanx. I use my Laser for leatherwork, as well as other stuff. In Leatherwork, creating a stitch line in various places that must be a set distance apart is the main function of this ruler…

The grid spacing can be adjusted to any interval that’s useful to you. I typically have mine set to 1mm, but I have also used other sizes that worked better with other projects, such as 1/4”. I often use the grid to judge element spacing and segment widths. For instance, I set an arbitrary .5mm minimum width to text segments and object spacing. I can use the grid to verify that nothing is too close together or so small that it won’t render properly.

It is other useful tool. :+1:
Each one of us as it’s own preferences and I believe that is interesting for some of us.
If I use it? Yeah maybe, however, I use the screen grid itself for this same purpose and as an aid I use the “Show full screen line cursor” option found in “General Lightburn settings” which draws a dotted line of the cursor to each side of the working area until it meats the default ruler.
Then I use the “Width” / “Height” field and properties tool box to check or correct general dimensions.

I think the big diference between your tool and and lightburn rule tool is that while with the simple ruler you can measure straight lines, with the lightburn ruler, in addition to straight lines, it is also possible to measure curved and diagonal lines in addition to providing a very wide set of information in the same window that greatly reduces mathematical operations. :wink:

Just to add information, I don’t know if you’re aware of perforation-mode but you can offset the outline shape inward, assign it to another layer and then set the perforation mode.
You can Break Apart the offset and delete the extra parts to stitch only the areas you want.

While lightburn is super awesome (no doubt about that) there are a few things I wish were included. As I work with Corel Draw and Photoshop as well, one of the features I have grown acustomed to, is a ruler on the X & Y axis that you can drag over or down to your design. If this feature is available in Lightburn, and Im too stupid to find it, please somebody enlighten me. Yes, Im fully aware that you can set the grid squares to what ever size you like and use that as a measuring stick, but because I’m an old fart, having to follow the grid lines side to side or up and down to look at the numbers is not optimal IMO. Zooming In & Out just to see the numbers is cumbersome, then I end up having to use the “hand” to reposition my work. I realize its a small complaint, but my “on screen ruler” is working for me.

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You can now drag guide lines from the rulers:

If dragging isn’t precise enough, you can select the guide line and set its position using the Numeric Edit fields.

Although they’re not graduated like rulers, you can snap other objects to them, which may get you most of the way to the goal.