I have a Gweikicloud co2 rf machine after update it will not buen

After the last update my machine will not burn my project. it says that it was sent secessful when I push start the start button on my machine turns red. and dose nothing. and i cant change ny origin option either.

If you don’t have a console where the error would be displayed, the red light tells you something isn’t right.

It can be any error and you won’t know which…

Does it boot OK?

If so, it’s homing properly or you’d get the red ring.

That leaves things like slop error, where the machine detects that it will go out of bounds… I’d suspect it has something to do with how it’s configured or how the artworks is setup…

There is no way to have user origin, without a console, you can’t change it. Most of these run in absolute coordinates.

Good luck


Try turning the red nob on the front of your machine. You might have bumped it (the emergency stop). I did it on accident once and it looked like you’re describing.

All of these I’ve seen, and technically it should disconnect power to the machine…

Yours doesn’t do that?


I could be mis-remembering! I thought it had turned red…

Though now that you have me thinking about it again maybe the red was when I was trying to send a job that was outside the boundaries…

Like an engraving that was too close to the edges so the overscanning was trying to move the head outside the limits of the machine.

:sweat_smile: mind like a sieve, I have…

That’s what I’d guess… The real problem is they don’t put a console on these machines.

You’re young… I’m the old forgetful one :crazy_face:


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You’re doing better than me, haha! Thank you for the gentle nudge for me to have another think! :slight_smile:

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