I have a question about arrays

Ok so say I have a shape like a candy canes … and I wanna put holes a inch from the edge all the way around but spaced at determined spacing …

Example candy can with holes for Christmas lights in them

I’ve tried the aray tool every way way I know how and it seems to throw holes all over the place … but sometimes it looks like it tries but goes way out of bounds

I’ve seen post about arrows and stuff but none of it made sense

Anyone got any pointers or videos to point me in …

I’ve been through every video light burn has
And the only one I can find is about the grid array and that’s not what I want ?

You need to identify the candy cane shape start point. Go into node editing mode, and the start point becomes a green circle.

Place circle at start point

Select circle, then path, then Arrange>Copy Along Path

Adjust number of copies / spacing to what you want and select OK

Switched the path to a Tool layer and moved the circles onto the candy cane

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