I have a Speed question

I have a 6445 and when I set the speed to 400 it only Showes 300mm in the upper window as shown in the picture.is there some setting in the controller that limits the speed. It changes with the cut speed but never goes over 300.


The upper window is showing the jogging speed that the controller will move when you press an arrow. The lower window shows 400 mm/sec, on your engraving layer, just as you requested.

Why does it change when it goes to the cut speed to 15mm. It also goes to 15mm

Your controller might have the speed capped to 300 mm/sec in the vendor settings.

Will look tomorrow.
Thank you

That was it but could not get there unless i went through RD Works raised the speed and Bam the speed now changes and not capped anymore. It had a limit of 300mm/s I bumped it up.
Thank You,

Look at the ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’ where you may need to unroll to expand and see the setting?

Thanks Rick

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