I have a strange occurrence with nodes

I’m trying to separate out an image from a vector drawing. And even though the object is totally disconnected from the main object, it still selects the adjoining object. And the green nodes won’t snap to join the brown open nodes. It may not look like it in the picture below, the snowflake isn’t touching the tree or the outer ring, but when I select it, it still selects a part of the tree. I am on the latest LB, too. I’ve done this many times with LB before and haven’t had this issue.

on the right hand side of your snowflake i see part of it that isn’t selected, as if it jumps to the border and continues from there. Could this be your issue?

Was this imported from a DXF file, by chance? They often provide no info about connectivity. AI and SVG are much better choices in this regard. If you’re sure they don’t touch - can you zoom in where it looks like they do?

Yes @LightBurn it isn’t touching and yes this is a DXF import.

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