I have another laptop I want to put LightBurn on

I have gotten another Laptop and I would like to install LB on it. But I am not sure how many we are allowed. Is there anything I need to know before trying this? Thanks in advance.

Check out the documentation on Licensing… You should read any agreement you are bound to before you purchase any software product… :thinking:

To save you some effort, here is the text…

How many computers can I use it on? The license lets you use the software on up to two computers at once, they don’t have to use the same operating system, and a license can be easily moved if you get a new computer. If you need to use 3 computers, we’ll happily update your license to allow it, for free - just email support@lightburnsoftware.com with your license key and ask for a 3rd seat. If you need more seats, or a floating license setup, we can do that too - contact us for pricing and details.

I have it on 2 Ubuntu Linux machines and one on my spousal units Windows :face_vomiting: computer. I use it now and then to check things out… when it doesn’t work on Linux…

Good luck


I just couldn’t remember how many and came here so if there was anything else I needed to know about the process I would be in the right place. Thank you for the quick answer. I hope to do some playing with Linux OS in the future. I have a couple of Raspberry Pis I have played with but nothing much more than that.
Thanks again for the help.


I moved to Linux after Apple Scr**ed me by changing cpu’s, just after purchase, and making my $5000 machine a brick…

Loaded Debian Linux on it and never looked back.

Good luck


I have never used Apple products except a Iphone 3 one time. I use Windows right now but like I said, I want to paly around with it some. I believe in open source and I may try to throw linux on one of my PCs sometime. So much to do and so little time right?