I have no idea what I am doing. Please help

I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I need help.
I am brand new to engraving and lasers and lightburn. I just purchased the Ortur Master Laser 2. After spending several hours watching youtube videos, I finally got the dang thing assembled. I have now spent several days reading the getting started manual, watching lightburn videos, trying to figure out how to lightburn. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand the what the settings mean, I don’t know how to manipulate anything.
Is there a crash course for DUMMIES? I already have the image I am trying to engrave. I just need it work.
I did a test run of sample text, and the laser flashed blue, but would not burn.
I have now turned on (fire?) the laser and it just burned a nice hole through cardboard and into my table surface. (YIKES). So now the laser works, but doesn’t move, it just burns a hole.
Please help. Before I burn more holes in my table.
Thank you

Hallo, schau Dir einfach das Video an.

(1) Lightburn Anleitung & Tutorial in Deutsch | Grundlagen für Absolute Beginner mit Laser Cutter - YouTube

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