I have purchased a key and i did not received it

hello i have paid for a lightburn licnese and have not received it in my e-mail.

It’s a holiday today. Might delay it a bit.

thank you i wasnt thinking about the holiday today.

i purchased the license over a week ago and i have sent e-mails with no response.

Can you access the license portal in the upper right of the page? It might be done and the email is in cyberspace. Also double check the email you used for the purchase.

i have tried to access the portal and it will not let me log in or reset my password is there another way to access it?

Unfortunately I’ll take an admin to fix for you.

Did you check your spam and junk email filters?
@Rick posted something about improvements to the licence system.

You’ll need the email address that you used to purchase your licence key.
Did you buy through a reseller?

I have checked my spam and nothing.i used the same e-mail address and i purchased from lightburn web site. I did get an order number but not a key.

Looking into our systems, I see that you used an email that starts with 4160467datman22, so this may be the issue as to why you have not received your key.

If you authorize us here, I can change that email to match the one used here, then resend the order email with key attached. :slight_smile:

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Yes please change the e-mail.

Changed and resent initial email with key. :slight_smile: Please confirm receipt here.

I have the order # but not the key. How would you like me to confirm?

Order 142134

You need to email support please. We won’t put a key up in the public forum.

support at LightBurnsoftware.com

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