I installed the evaluation version

I installed the evaluation version and I have more than 20 days, but it is still recording that the product is a pirate that is stealing, so what happens if the version is in evaluation?

Not sure if I completely follow, but I would recommend downloading the trial directly from our site to ensure you are getting our software in unmodified form.

Are you getting a message presented onscreen? We would like to see that to better understand what you are seeing.

I downloaded it directly from the website and the message was recorded on the material when I was calibrating the camera.

I was thinking, at the time I was using it I was without internet. Could that be why this happened?

Dumb question… did you register the software trial version with LightBurn? If you try to set it up without an internet connection, you will have significant difficulties. I’m sure it can be done, but you will have to get an activation code for the trial version from LightBurn.

I had internet before, and I got 30 days to use it, but yesterday I ran out of internet and this happened, I had already used it a few times and it was fine, I’ll test it later to see.

What happened? What is the “this” you are mentioning? Show us what you see, so we can follow better, exactly what you are experiencing.

Our standard trial is for 30 days and requires Internet access to our servers. There is no option to trial without an internet connection. The purchased version can be setup to work without internet, after the initial connection, known as Offline Activation.

I activated it with the internet and was using it normally, but I went to configure the camera and instead of recording the markings to calibrate the camera, it recorded that phrase when it is using the program illegally.

Acho que deve está havendo algum problema com a minha tradução eu falo em português e estou usando o Google para traduzir.

I think there must be some problem with my translation I speak in Portuguese and I’m using Google to translate.

Yes, this is what we would like to see. Please share a picture of this. We need to see these results please.

Using the email address you use here on the forum, I was able to find an entry in our records.


Did you purchase a license, or are you working with the trial version? If trial version, please copy and paste the trial key here in a reply and I can dig deeper.

13c47357-80aa-4cd8-blee-04aa 19ca62b6

Sorry, but that is not a valid trial key. Some things are missing or misread. It is always best to use the computer’s copy and paste to ensure everything is exactly copied correctly. Please try again using copy and paste.

I was able to find your trial, and have extended it for an additional 15 days to assist you. You should be set. Please confirm.

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