I moved my hard drive

to another PC. The light burn that was working on my PC here at the plant, now thinks I’m in trial software. I have my LB key, but it say’s it’s already licensed to 2 machines. I use it here at my day job for content creation, and at home on my actual PC with my laser. How can I fix this?

I’m assuming it’s matching up my Key to some type of MAC address on my old PC that puked on me. That’s why I took my SSD drive out and moved it to spare PC we had at the plant.


If you log into Cryptlex, you can deactivate the old computer to open up the seat it’s using and allow it to be reused on the new computer. There’s more info in our documentation.

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Thanks Jackie. I’m actually logged into the portal now. My machine name didn’t change. My machine name in Windows is phillipmf. Of course that name just moved over to the new box when the hard drive moved over. So you saying just deactivate it, then reactivate it?

Yes, please deactivate and then reactivate from the new computer. Please let me know whether that works.

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That did it. Thanks for your time.

Great! Glad I could help

It was my understanding that the keying system used something in or related to the hardwares motherboard …

I did a clean install of Ubuntu on mine, same disks and motherboard… it didn’t recognize Lightburn as legit…

Had to do what @SayCheeze did to authorize it… not that it was a problem.

It just showed me that my basic understanding about how it keyed things was incorrect.


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