I need an information on Atomstack airassist kit

Hi all, there is someone who owns the Atomstack airassist kit and can tell me at what bar, or psi is the air coming out from the pump?

Thank you all

i found the infos i was looking for :wink:

Please post it up. I’m shopping / grazing for other air options.

well i asked a skilled person that builds pump for work, and i have submitted to him my actual pump, the Hailea ACO318 this one that makes 60L/min airflow and the Atomstack pump that makes 30L/min airflow, and ask him how is possible that the Atomstack pump is more powerful than ACO, he told me that the ACO works with a piston and a rubber membrane that guarantees the flow rate of 60L/min but it does not compress the air, the Atomstack instead has two offset fans, one larger and one smaller and uses the same principle as aircraft jets, one fan sucks the air and the second compresses and accelerates it, and that’s also the reason why Atomstack pump has a cylindrical construction. I hope you understand me, technical english is a little problem for me

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