I need help please…

I have an xTool D1 engraver and I installed LightBurn but it’s engraving backwards and upside down; I’ve tried all the suggestions on all other posts and can’t seem to make it work

Works just fine on the software it came with which is Laserbox basic but not on LightBurn. I’ve tried deleting the device, uninstalling and installing both softwares but I can’t seem to find what the issue is.

The first project I ran was a grid and it worked just fine but after that something happened or I did something that’s causing it to engrave upside down and backwards. Any help is appreciated

Machine origin in Device Settings needs to be top left for your machine.

Did you use the xTool supplied device configuration file to setup your laser?

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The machine origin is correct and I did use their configuration file. One thing I noticed and I don’t know if it makes a difference or not is that when I open Lightburn my machine doesn’t appear on my devices. Don’t know why. I went To my downloads and copied and pasted the file and then the machine was recognized. Again I don’t know if this makes a difference or not. I’m sure I’m doing something That’s not correct or not doing something I’m supposed to do.

Thanks for your help anyway

I’ll just keep trying

Auto-detection vs manual configuration shouldn’t matter as long as the configuration is correct in the end.

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn and also a photo of your laser with the burn completed in place? I’d like to see what you’re seeing.

I deleted the device and installed it again and it worked this time.

Thanks again for your help

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