I need help with error beyond border limits awc 708c 100 watt laser

I am trying to cut a 20 inch circle and getting the error message beyond border limits continue and when \I say yes it just sits there. It usually will continue. So I made the file 19.5 and all the way down to 18 I know my laser cuts 23.6 so this shoujld be a moot point. I have the origin set at the back right corner and it keeps doing the same thing. Then I noticed that the homing on the machine looks like it is at the mid left side. (Picture attached) How can I fix this or make this thing cut?

Do you have other things in the LightBurn file that might be out of bounds? Is it just a cut, or an engraving?

You have the origin set to back-right - is the ‘Job Origin’ setting in LightBurn set to the same?

You know what I wonder if it was set to engrav e and not cut that would explain it. Oz in the top picture does that blue dot mean that the origin?

I think so, but I’d have to break out an AWC controller to be sure.

I got it to cut finally I am not real sure what the problem was.

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