I need some helping figuring out how to cut letters and not have an outline

Okay so here is my issue.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Alright, so I want to cut letter but have them be solid. You know how when you use the cut future it maintains solid power right? Well I want to do that but don’t want it to be an outline.
I want it to have a solid letter.

The reason why is because I am engraving bricks and in order for it to work I need that constant flow of power.

Does anyone think they can help me out with this?

I think you mean you want it to be a fill. Is that it?

I want it to be a fill but running to have the consistent power of a cut. Not with the laser pulsing but continuously running as if I were doing a cut. The reason being, I need the brick to heat up enough to turn to glass and the pulsing while in fill mode just doesnt cut it. But the Cut constant pulsing power does

If you are wanting to vector engrave the lettering rather than a traditional Fill / Raster engrave, then you could create concentric inner offsets at a specific spacing that works well for your application / material.

Useful tip: after the first offset is applied, you can repeat the same offset subsequently by holding CTRL while clicking the offset tool.

Thanks, Im going to give it a shot and see what I can make happen.


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