I need to set a larger workspace parameter

I have an expansion kit for a Sculpfun S30. The kit increases my workspace from 400mm x 410mm, to 905mm x 935mm. However, I cannot get lightburn to see that my workspace is enlarged. I entered my workspace dimensions on the initial install of lightburn, and I would like my homing location to be to the rear left (I know this is unusual), but lightburn still sees this location as negative workspace. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t understand your question. Nothing seems to be wrong. If your origin is at the rear-left as you describe, it actually IS negative in the Y axis.

Can you please explain in fuller detail what you’re trying to achieve?

Did you make any changes in GRBL configuration to accommodate the larger size?

Have you done anything to change origin location? Origin isn’t an arbitrary choice and would need require configuration changes to accmmodate. Also, to confirm you want positive values downward?

Please also confirm that your machine has homing switches. If so, what are the reported coordinates after homing?

Here is how to set the new dimensions correctly: Workspace extension kit - Diode Laser Wiki
And here is how to deal with different homing positions: Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki

Thank you so much. I will give that a shot.

That worked but it also changed my Y coordinates to the negative plane, instead of just descending from 36. I’m sure I did something wrong. I’ll just learn to live with the normal X0,Y0 home. Thank you.

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