I see a huge opportunity during this Quarantine for owners of laser cutters

Look at this:


Here is another style even easier to make


Super easy make with a larger laser or you can scale down for a smaller one. I think this is a quick high profit item we can all make and make some extra $ during these crazy times.



Super easy make with a larger laser or you can scale down for a smaller one. I think this is a quick high profit item we can all make and make some extra $ during these crazy times.

Or… could sell them at near cost (plus time, wear and tear) and make less money but help others. Drive down the price of others doing the same thing and help even more. :slight_smile:

Not knocking you, but actually the person that is selling something for about 3-4x materials and labor. :frowning: to take advantage of other people’s misery.

@rojhan. My laser machine was not free I’m pretty sure that if you have a laser machine it was also a good investment on your part. When I do an estimate I have to take into consideration the cost of my machine, materials, electricity, software, computer to run my my laser machine, gas to drive to the acrylic store my time to go and get materials and my time when pricing out my work . If I run a business without taking all my costs into consideration I would eventually go bankrupt.

That happens if I sell something for less then it costs me.

If you want to donate the shields then I hope I have inspired you to do so.

There is no mention in my post of what think anyone should charge. I only mention that there is an opportunity to earn some money. During these hard quarantine stay at home times with over 22million Americans out of work this would be a great opportunity to create something useful that there is a demand for and charge whatever anyone feels comfortable to charge.

I’ve run numerous small business Ventures in my lifetime. My last one was a very successful brick and mortar portrait studio in Los Angeles. I was never selling the piece of photographic paper that cost 16 cents at Costco.

Some think that I should have sold that 4x6 portrait for the cost of material x Mark up. Let’s say 20x mark up is an huge profit.

If I sold my 4x6 portraits for $3.20 each I would have gone bankrupt in less then 90 days.

My ability to create a portrait was the result of my many years of education, investment in my photographic and lighting equipment , my studio environment props, employees etc.

Too many people automatically dismiss all the things I aforementioned and believe that the materials are the only thing that are involved. They are surprised when they hear the facts to doing business for the first time.

When a patent attorney sends me a bill for $7500 to file my patent. I do not pay $7500 for a 10cent piece of cotton paper I pay for the numerous years of the lawyers experience that helped me draft a patent that will protect me in the future and save me future litigations costs.

I respect your giving heart. I have one as well that’s why I shared the concept of others trying to earn a little extra pocket change to be able to purchase some bangers and mash.

During these trying COVID19 times my main concern is providing for my family And that’s why I am thinking outside the box.

Good luck to you I wish you nothing but the best.


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Supply and demand. No one would pay more than they are willing to part with. There is a difference between business and charity. Preying on people’s ignorance is wrong but running a business is business. Sorry for the stream of consciousness reply but trying to say that right now we can still be charitable and not also be for profit. It is hard to give when you do not have anything coming in.

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AMEN Brother!

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