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Afyer three weeks, I’m down to one single issue. My laser will only move from lower left corner diagonally to upper right corner from frame or send command. My machine coordinates show -400 x and y. 400 is the correct dimensions, but foxalien 4040xe homes to lower left. Should these be negative numbers? It will fire one spot then burn the diagonal path.

This can happen for a couple of reasons.

The beautiful and interesting reason, has to do with a controller board configuration that uses two motors to drive the Gantry along the Y-Axis; front to back on the engraver (up-down on the screen). If your engraver has one X-Axis motor and one Y axis motor, and if they are accidentally plugged into Y1 & Y2 (or X1 & X2 if so equipped) the motors will turn identical amounts in opposite directions drawing the single diagonal line you describe.

A damaged board can also do this but a damaged board most often shows symptoms of a ‘Dead Axis’ where the driver chip that controls the motion along one axis direction, does nothing.

If you take a very close picture of the control board you’re welcome to post it here. We should see where the connectors are supposed to go and what went wrong.

Thanks for your response! I got a lot of this figured out. Machine will home and frame. It still does some wacky things if i pause, restart, go to origin, or interrupt in any way, but I’ll keep plugging away until i figure out some more.

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