I started optimizing my speed and it stopped working Greatful for any help

after i ran speed tests in grbl i then went to lightburn and verified settings and went to burn a tile at higher speeds. but the unit locks right up and and a drive motor sounds like it hit an end stop but hasnt and the only way to stop it is to unplug the unit. i went to grbl help and this came up. [HLP:$$ $# $G $I $N $x=val $Nx=line $SLP $C $X $H ~! ? ctrl-x]
Also it seems to run fine in grbl just not at all in lightburn now
I am new to this, but have burned probably 25 nice tiles doing the norton method but this came about when i tried to do a normal burn thank you

Not very clear here…

It is a ‘grbl’ machine, you used a program other than Lightburn to do this.

Lightburn connected and lets you read the controller OK?

99% of the time, it is Lightburn and/or you machine that are not configured properly.

Did you go through the Lightburn Grbl setup?

You should read through the Lightburn Coordinate and Job Origin documentation.

It will fix and/or answer lots of questions. With low cost CNC machines, most are not ‘plug and play’.

You did 25 tiles, I’m assuming you were not using Lightburn…

Good luck


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