I ungrouped a file and want a specific piece on file to not engrave

I have a tree on a file that I dont want engraved, just passed over.
I ungrouped and pulled the tree from the file, but cannot quite comprehend how to make it so it is not engraved. I put it on a tool path, but that did not work.
I can pull the tree from the file, but the existing group engraves where I want the tree.
I want the tree outline not engraved at all, so it just shows as an outline standing out from the engraved background. Thank you in advance to all who offer help on this, to me, but not to many others I am sure, perplexing problem.

Hello friend,
You want the tree silhouette to still be there above the “bushes”?

yes, but standing out, not touched by the engraver.

I see,
You would have to go into your editing software and black fill the background. If you can send me the pdf/ai i can do for you in about 2 secons.

Here is the file, if it does not send properly, I can attach it in an email.
Thank you,
Deer Park Villa logo updated (1)

How are either of these?

Deer Tree_2
Deer Tree_Filled

Actually I want the tree to show, it is just engraving a faint lighter shade than the background clouds now. I will take a photo to show how it is engraving to make the explanation a bit easier.

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Oh haha this is because all the shapes are stacked up and its throwing off the program. Try attached.
Deer Tree_Flattened

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