I upgraded and now a problem

I purchased my license last year and have been using it no problem on my laptop in the house and and my older dedicated laptop in my workshop. I just went to upgrade the one on my house laptop and had to re type lic key in and its telling me it failed , so whats the problem ?? I hate updating stuff cause 9 out of 10 times its always a problem

“It failed” is not an error message that LightBurn would give you. If you can tell me the actual message it gave you, I can tell you why.

it says I have reached the maximum number of computers , yet I still am only usuing it on two laptops like always, and why did it upgrade fine on dedicated computerwithout asking for the lic key but is asking me for the lic key on house laptop when it did’nt on the dedicated laptop ?

Something likely changed on the system that has LightBurn thinking it’s a new computer. An OS or hardware update can do this.

You have two computers on your key. One was last seen in the license system yesterday, and the other was seen today. I removed the one that was used yesterday, as that’s likely it. You should be able to activate it now. You can also do this yourself using our License Portal.

Yes that was it, thanks for that link for license portal also. have a happy

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just so I’m clear on this, since this new update took effect, now I am only allowed to use lightburn on one computer, because before I updated I could use it on 2 different laptops with no problem without having to remove onbe and install another ?

I just went to use the other laptop and the same thing happened, it asks me for the activation code , I type it in and it tells me I have reached the allowable amout of computers on my licence ( just like yesterday) so I’m really confused now ?

Obviously, both computers got the same update that makes the licensing system think they are different machines. You can simply log into the License Portal and remove the activation for your laptop and reinstall the license and continue operating as you were. The license still allows two machines, and a third if you e-mail and ask nicely.

No, that is not it at all. You probably did a computer update of some kind, which means LightBurn can’t tell it’s the same computer that it used to be. If that happens, you can just remove the computer from the license key and add it again.

Think of it kind of like this: Your wife is used to how you look. You come home one day with a haircut and a new beard, and she freaks out and kicks you out of the house. You have to call her and tell her, “hey hon - that was me, I just look a lot different” so she’ll let you back in without calling the cops.

LightBurn’s license system tracks a bunch of info about your computer so it can tell which ones the license has been used on. If you change something like the OS, the motherboard, the hard drive, graphics card, etc, it doesn’t recognize the computer any more and thinks you’re trying to license a new one. So you use the license portal (or email us) to remove the “old version” (the one with the old copy of the OS, original motherboard, etc), so you can add it back again.


Ok I’ll tyry that tomorrow, just been feeling like I was playing a game of PONG, if you know what that is. I’m 70 and a little slow on the take up. Thanks and the only thing that was updated on both laptops was a windows update.

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Windows updates are one of the biggest culprits for causing these issues. They change enough in the operating system that the LightBurn licensing system thinks it’s a different machine.

yes and much to my dismay now they keep pestering me to switch to windows 11 on my alienware laptop, and I keep avoiding it because I know it will be a cluster ____ ! Thanks for the help


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