I volunteer for galvo LightBurn beta testing

I would like to volunteer for galvo LightBurn beta testing. I have a 50w galvo fiber laser

I’d like to follow these threads…


We’re keeping the beta for galvo small for now, so we’re not swamped with requests, and are mostly interested in people who are quite used to EZCad and fiber workflow, and have a broad range of laser sources so we can work out the initial kinks.

If you find the need to add beta testers at any point, I am available and willing.

We have no shortage of volunteers, but we’re keeping the group small for now. We’ll announce when we’re ready for a wider audience.


I would also like to be notified as soon as the Open Beta become available.
50W OMG (JPT) with 150, 300, 400 Lens
Currently EzCad2
Already have LB DSP License

id love to be part of the BETA guys, I have a co2 galvo head laser as well as a fiber laser and quite frankly frustrated to hell with EZCad…

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