I want to cut a circle with a small slot in the middle of it.

The problem is the slot doesn’t come out to the size that I set it at, if I delete that circle and leave only the slot it does come out to the correct size.

if I put the circle back and cut, that slot cuts to a smaller size than the dimensions I have it set at.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

We’re cutting with an OM Tech 55watt laser using Lightburn software

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Have you possibly set a kerf for that layer that you’re not anticipating?

Otherwise please post the .lbrn file here for review.

MR&MRSfoot.lbrn2 (14.5 KB)

okay, I just posted the file. MR&MRSfoot
Thank you for the replies that I have gotten to try and help me out here.

You have an outward kerf of .4 mm defined on the cut. Because the inner slot is an inside shape this is causing the laser to cut farther inward, making the slot smaller by .4 mm in all directions. So .8 mm side to side.

How big is your actual kerf for that material? .8 mm seems like an awfully large kerf.

What I don’t get then is why the size is correct if cut alone since you’d have a kerf adjustment in the opposite direction.

Your kerf setting in LB should be half the actual measured kerf of cut.

How are you measuring the dimensions and what are the actual dimensions of cut-out hole vs cut-out slot.

I think I get what you’re saying…If I add that amount to each side of the slot that compensation should bring my shape into the correct size???

Coud it be the Ruida?

What are the measured dimensions of the slotted hole vs the cut-out slot if you don’t include the circle? Want to make sure what I’m imagining matches real-world. If not, then something else going on.

If you get the kerf value correct I think this should work correctly.

What type of material are you cutting on?

Anything is possible but I tend to not think so. It’s probably doing exactly what’s asked of it. No reason to believe it’s not necessarily doing the right thing as yet.

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I’m going try what you’re saying. Thank you for help, I really appreciate it.

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