I want to show you my painted MDF

upper part white, bottom part blue, all covered with black…


Very nice work. Very artistic. Impressive.

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thank you very much

I am not familiar with this process. What do you mean by ‘upper part’, ‘bottom part’? Can you describe the process in a little more detail?

It looks nice, but I have no idea how to reproduce it.

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I took and MDF 300X200mm 3mm thick and in the red square i painted white, in the green square i painted blue, then i cover all with black, and then i engraved it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your fast response!

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I hope my explanation is more understandable now :wink:


This is super cool, I will have to find some videos this sounds like your laser has to be DIALED IN to get it right. My laser is entirely homemade. It cuts and engraves but not at this level yet. Good job.

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Wow it’s simpler than it looks, it looks super complicated, nice work

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Thank you mate, also mine is entirely homemade :wink:

MDF is toxic right? i mean glue