I was lasering white tiles

My daughter was interested in doing the Norton method of making tiles a couple [or more] months ago and I found an easy way to make a nice dark mark. It used a menu that I can no longer find in LB to ‘tune’ the bitmap and had several settings beyond what I get when I click the bitmap layer settings. Am I getting delusional in my old age or is there more settings available. I made several very nice looking tiles and then kinda moved on and cannot remember how I did it. I believe I got the LB settings on this forum or maybe the facebook Lightburn projects forum. It was not the N’graved forum as I recall. Does this mean anything to any of you nice people. Thanks Gene

Select an image, then right click it and choose ‘Show Properties’.

You are the best… I cannot tell you how much time I have in looking for that. Now if I can remember the settings. At least I have a chance now. Thanks Gene

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