I-watch silicone watch band

I have a request to engrave a silicone watch band :flushed::flushed: Holy moly!!! What should my settings be, so a newbie and still learning here!!!

14, 225, 191, 66

What do you mean

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He sarcastically means that without some information about the kind of laser you have, what power it is, whether it’s a diode or CO2 machine, etc, any settings anyone gives you will be about as useful as a collection of random numbers.

We need more info to be able to help you.


I have an ortur laser master 2 20w

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Firstly, are you sure it’s actually silicone? A lot of stuff, especially the cheaper stuff, is sold as silicone, but is just flexible polyester acrylic.

I can’t help with settings, but exactly the same question was just asked on one of the forums on Facebook, I’ll see if I can find it - the answer and example came from another Ortur user.

Yes, it was sarcasm - the point I was trying to make was that the quality of your answers will be directly proportional to the information you give in your question. There are thousands of different machines that can laser. There is a specific Ortur sub-forum, which you may want to bookmark for the future,

Keep an eye out, I’ll find the link and update,

Edit: the material to watch out for is TPU - thermoplastic polyurethane. It can be engraved with a fibre laser fairly well, but a CO2 makes a hot mess - literally. The poster did use a diode, but didn’t give any figures. I guess you will need a sacrificial piece and do a material test.

Don’t forget to post back your results, to help the next guy with the same question.

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