I will make a grid

I want to make a grid
bed size is 280x280mm
and I want the grid size at 50x50mm
is to have a grid for thumbtacks for airassist
who can make this for me?? i can’t do it

280x280 grid.lbrn2 (8.0 KB)
Is this what you are looking for.

Sometimes it’s better to learn how to do something than it is to have it done for you.
A 50 x 50 grid will not fit into a 280 x 280 bed, but reducing the requirements to 250 x 250 will allow that.
Create a line of 250 mm length, vertically.
Use the Array feature, set spacing to 50 mm and the quantity to 6. Repeat for a horizontal line.
Group all the lines and your grid is created.
You can create the grid with 280 mm lines and keep the spacing to 50 if you don’t have to have closed box sides.

yes thanks!!!

yes thanks!!!

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