Ideas? Volunteering Your Laser to Help Against Covid 19?

Please post ideas for ways to use a laser to help in the Covid19 fight.

The only idea I have had is to volunteer to cut fabric pieces for the people who are volunteering to sew together personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies for healthcare workers. A few people have posted on the neighborhood chat boards about groups making these items but it has been hard to connect with actual decision makers.

My thought was to set up two disinfected “clean tables”, one on each side of the laser. Put the box of raw fabric on one and the box for finished product on the other. I would put down a metal sheet on to the laser’s cutting bed to use as the “clean” cutting surface that I could easily disinfect by wiping down between cutting runs to keep it disinfected. I would wear sterilized gloves as well as my fume protection respirator.

For those who actually want to do something, watch this video for inspiration. Check out the design for a face shield that has a laser cut frame to attach to the head and then a laser cut piece of flexible plastic for the face shield.


Here is one of the multiple face shield designs being posted around the internet. It even includes a LightBurn file!

This is one of the first ones I have come across. I bet there are others out there that are even better for lasers.


A post regarding cloth face masks:


GA Tech’s open source face shield design files:


I received an email back from one of the GA Tech professors. He said that if we really want to help we should submit our information at the link at the bottom of this page: . They will use the information to coordinate resources. FYI, the form isn’t very well structured. Just start filling out the information and it will begin to make sense. Skip all the stuff about hospitals and click the arrow in the lower right corner of each page to move forward. For the capability question, I noted my laser wattage, laser tube type (CO2 versus RF) and bed size just so they have a decent idea about my capabilities.

You can download and see the files at that link. Also, watch the short video. I think they have further refined the design since making that video. Note how they cut the replaceable clear face shield material on the Trotec using a roll of PETG. In his email today, the professor mentioned they are really looking for waterjet cutters for the frame. Since they specified polycarbonate, I can understand why. That isn’t the easiest to cut with a laser.

Please pass along this link to other laser owners you know. Get them to fill out the form IF IF IF you think they are the type of person to really follow through and be dedicated to helping.

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Looking to design and make a face shield with something like OHP sheet or PETG with foam band and velcro adjusting straps. May post tonight if I can get it done.

Here is a simple coronavirus-related product design that seems useful in a conceptual sense.

Took less than an hour from design to prototype. Ten mins max in batch production. V comfortable. Very light. Just need some thin PETG.

That could save a healthcare worker’s life.

Instructions for making…

Items Needed(For prototype)

Sheets of OHP INKjet Printable film (Prototype only) for visor [PETG possibly for prodn version]

EVA Foam for forehead band

Reusable velcro for adjustable side straps
Eg VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties 30mm x 5m - Black

Stick on Velcro to attach Forehead foam
Eg VELCRO Stick On Tape 20mm x 2.5m

Step 1

Download files Visor.dxf and Forehead.dxf (or Lightburn equivalents)

Step 2

Experiment with your laser settings to cut visor.

Designed to fit one on A4 or two on A3.

Dimensions are 290mm x 205mm

Step 3

Experiment with your laser settings to cut foam cleanly.

Dimensions are 25mm x 195mm

Can cut lots from single sheet of foam.

Step 4

Cut VELCRO Stick On Tape to just less than foam.

Pull of paper and attach both together to Foam.

Carefully place faom equidistant to the two strap slits.

Step 5

Cut a piece of the Reusable Velcro about 26cm long (or more for big heads LOL)

Feed Reusable Velcro through one slit with loop/furry side towards visor (smoother on bonce)

You need to double the strap back on itself so that it sticks to itself.

This holds the strap in place. You may have to experiment as difficult to explain.

Step 6

Do the same on the other side.

Step 7

Et Voila.

Someone contacted us about boxes to help healthcare professionals doing intubations to stay safe. We’re currently looking into this:

Here’s the original project that was linked to us though:

in Spain we have over 10,000 people with 3d printers making items including me, were also altering the latest snorkel mask that came out last year where it is a full face mask, this can be made into a full mask for people in hospital so we are collecting these for the hospitals locally to convert.

If you want to help load up the TELEGRAM app and join CORONAVIRUS Makers , there is a anchored message at the top with instructions. T
hat should show your country on it, its most in spanish where I come from but as the Virus moves around so more people join , you can easily translate using google translate if you do not speak or read spanish but there are a lot of non spanish countries now listed. Here where i am near Barcelona its just bloody awful at the moment, been in lockdown for 17 days and even to go out for food you have to fill out an online form and if you are stopped on the way back and no receipt 300 euro fine. very strict here as going out just puts other people at risk.

Please do whatever you can for your country’s health departments as I can assure you they need you, just look how many of us their are in spain helping and we are still fighting against a lack of supplies. thanks.

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