Identical side by side cut, dimension does not match

Multiples 3x2 rectangle were cut along same Y-axis, material acrylic .118 thick

All fall through the slot after being cut…
All Y-axis dimension are within tolerance, but X-axis dimension are a bit off. What could cause this issue?
A = 2.979 x 1.492 = .021 below
B = 2.989 x 1.492 = .011 below
C = 3.002 x 1.494 = +.002 above
D = 2.998 x 1.492 = .002 below

Seem like as I’m moving toward the left hand side of the bed, the tolerance will get more true.

Did another cut with a with similar setup, but larger cut, and I’m getting the same result.

This only happen on the X-axis

Seem like as I’m moving toward the left hand side of the bed, the tolerance will get more true.
For some odd reason, couple hours later as I was making a video to show my seller the tolerance swap side from left to right.

Machine inspection:
-Machine age 5 weeks
-Controller RDC6442G-B(EC)
-X/Y axis are calibrated to the .002in
-Belt aren’t loose
-Bed is level

It sounds strange, but check your supply chain for the laser head, I have had a very similar problem which turned out to be too short / tight supply chain.

supply chain is okay. After some more calibration, the accuracy seem to swap from left to right of the bed now

… it’s a mysterious problem, though

Hi, hope it’s not this but worth a look.

… and of course you have checked all the mirrors and the lens to see if it is tight. What about your timing belts, could there be any stuck dirt in a particular place?

I did a square test cutting. I’m roughly .02 off on the diag cut…sigh…
What do you think on this ?

I got my compressor, and did a rolling through spray down on both the X&Y belt along with gear set.

… this is how I do it once a month too, hope it helps you.

0.5mm in diagonal difference, at 177.8mm square, I do not know if it is too much but it is irritating I would think. (subject to conversion errors) :wink:

I have changed my mind, it’s too much. :-1:

It looks a bit chaotic at times but Russ delivers the result, just like he always does. @Kris1 Please check out this new video.

How big is the difference when you make a square over your entire work area?

I didn’t try anything over 12in square because I don’t have anything to measure bigger than that.


If you draw the largest possible square, you can easily measure the diagonal difference with a tape measure. Maybe you can not measure it in thaw part but you will at least get a best possible indication.

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