If Lightburn finds my laser, does that mean it is compatible

So I just got my black and red Chinese laser. I open Lightburn and click “Find my laser” and it finds it, and connects without any problem at all. My dsp shows the image, and says lightburn.out as if it should all be good. Does this mean it is compatible?

When I use the crappy software that came with the laser it (the laser) will run, however when I start a project with lightburn my laser will beep as though it got the command but the laser gives me an error “Outrange, if continue”

Has anyone had this issue before?

“Outrange” is probably a TopWisdom controller message, telling you that the cut is going to go out of bounds.

Make sure you have either set an appropriate origin on the machine and used the right job origin setting, or you’ve chosen “Absolute Coords” and the project is within the workspace.

Read here to learn about the different kinds of origin settings:

This was my problem 100% Thanks Oz now i am enjoying my machine.

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