If you ever wondered about your stepper motors

They make some strange sounds sometimes, but… :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to go to fider and put in the feature request for music composition in LightBurn.

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That’s awesome!

Someone had too much time on their hands, but I could watch/listen to that sort of thing all day :slight_smile:

Jeff, in settings under extras, go to musical instruments, here you decide if you have a 2 or 3 stepper system and if you are mostly into classical music, country, rock ect. After you have paid for the M-code version you get submit a new activation code - and you’re ready for Rock and Roll.
But, it’s beta and will not be released until April 1st!

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LOL, You guys need to visit the “Floppotron” website…

Oh no, and I just cleared my spare parts warehouse …
Absolutely amazing, Thank you

Today is a landmark day in my life. I’ve discovered a completely new world of music produced by “stuff”. It’s all over YouTube. Wow.

Absolutely fun to watch, nice job!