If you had $5000 to spend on a new laser

If you had $5000 to spend (drive out price) to spend on a new laser, what laser would you buy?. I currently have a Blue/White Chinese 50w laser. I do mostly wood, acrylic, layered cuts and engraving.

Which one and why?



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Is there a reason you need another laser?

Knowing what I know now, I’d get this Russ Spec model from Cloud Ray.

It has the upgrades to make it really functional… I have a bunch of them myself and it cost me more than if I would have bough this… Of course there is academic value in a diy…

Good luck



Wanting to upgrade work space, power and company support.
Thanks Jack!

There isn’t many choices other than physically larger machines… You probably have enough experience to pick something out…

I’d assume another Chinese laser, considering your price… also eliminating any kind of real support :poop:

From your specifications, a fiber is out…


I was thinking add functionality with a Co2 source fiber :smiley: myself but as you said might not make sense
Add onto, instead of replace kinda thinking

Thanks for the reply. This post was meant to try and generate some inspiration / fresh ideas.

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What is this?

If you mean a galvo co2 with a fiber connection … I follow.


Have you thought about a variety of lasers? Smaller fiber, infrared bench top, a used CO2 - I like dreaming about having a variety of specialized tools.
Just something from the peanut gallery to consider…


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The only laser that works for these materials is a co2… don’t think he has much of a choice.


Look at Toollots.com
I purchased a Rayfine 90 watt for about the 5000.00 you are looking at. It’s a import machine I would say the quality was as good as my Boss Laser and it included a 5000 series chiller .
As far as company support I think most owners of import lasers will in time need to learn to trouble shoot there machines.

The provided link got me to their site, but a search of the model found a water filter, not a laser…

Do you have a link directly to the machine?

The only lasers you’re going to get in this price range is Chinese…

I’m sure suspicious when I get a security violation attempting to access the site… this throws up all kinds of red flags to me…

Hope you purchased with a credit card. :pray:

Good luck


I have purchase 4 FIber lasers and One co2 laser from them. I am not sure what link you were sent to

THis link works. And as you state it is always best to use a credit card for safety reason.

Here is the link to the machine I purchased

@Rooster1956 thank you, yet this is the third time you have posted the same link. Our systems have flagged your post for doing so. We know better, but starting to look like you are spamming the forum. One link is helpful. You can then tell folks that ask, “link provided above”. Thanks.

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Ok No isuues.
I will not post this link agsin

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The third one actually went to a nice looking laser…


Yes, I saw that. Thank you.

Depends, you want to cut larger, or cut thicker, or both?

Mainly cut larger but next would be thicker.