Ikier k1 pro 24w problem cutting

Hello Guys,

Few weeks ago I purchased the IKIER K1 PRO 24w. In marketing materials and YouTube videos, I saw that the laser can cut through a 3mm plywood at a speed of 600 / 100%, but I can only manage it at 250 / 100%. Perhaps I am using the wrong settings? Could there be any issues with the device itself? It seems that the laser beam is not good; the vertical line is good, but the horizontal one seems wider. Any ideas ? Possibly, I may have overestimated the capabilities of the device and it cant do 600 / 500 or even 400 / 100% ? I appreciate any advice, thank you.

Manufactures overrate their products. Surprise. Need to do material tests for your materials for your specific machine. Diodes do not produce a round focal point, or even a square point. They produce a rectangular point, so not as efficient in one direction.

Sorry for stupid question, but is there any laser engraver that can cut in one cut 3mm plywood, baltic birch with speed greater than 500?

My 10w can cut in one pass at about 300. Probably have to go to 20w or CO2 if your looking to cut quickly.

I have 24w, but it cuts max at speed 250 / 100% … 300and more it wont cut at one pass … Thats the problem …

My Ikier K1 36W cuts 4mm poplar plywood with a speed of 500 @ 90% without any problems. Even 600mm should be possible, but I always want to be on safe side.

BTW: 100% power derates the laser diodes very fast, so I never use power settings > 90%

I would think it should do better than that.
It should cut faster than my 10w.
Don’t know how auto focus works. Maybe some problem with correct focus. I wouldn’t think your lens would be a problem at this point.

Ikier sent new laser head, no changes, tried also manual focus - same result … tried different plywoods, no changes … iam out of ideas …

In device settings what is this set to? And also can you enter $$ in console and paste results?

Looks like this, autofocus is turned off

How did you determine what was the correct focus distance?

Kristaps, I have a K1 Pro (several months now) and your experience matches mine exactly. Poor beam geometry and slower the expected working speeds. I haven’t tried 3mm ply, but I cut 2mm basswood ply at 550mm/min @ 85% with as much air assist as it can manage.

I’ve been trying not to run 100% power, but I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that potentially shortening the life expectancy may not be such a bad thing. Lol.

I have found with mine that the default focus (8mm) is generally too low. I suggest running a series of cut and engrave test cards at different heights to see where you’re at. I typically engrave at 11-12mm and cut at 9-10mm. Based on feedback from other Ikier owners, I would expect your values to be different tho. QC is poor with a lot variance from unit to unit.

I am currently cutting a 3mm basswood ply puzzle at 600mm/min at 90% with spectacular results using the same machine. Could you be set at 600 mm/sec instead of mm/min?

All these machines vary, esp Ikier. Bad QC and worse support. I am using a speed of 500mm/min at 80% to cleanly cut the more intricate shapes of 3mm baltic ply. That is with the ‘supposed’ 48 watt. You may want to lower your focus for cutting by a mm or so. Additionally, they may be using multiple passes and lowering the z axis each pass. And not a good idea to run at 100%. Although as Chris has stated I am also at the point where I’m ready to run this into the ground and be happy.
Believe it or not, there are scenarios where running multiple passes at higher speeds, esp with the ability to lower the z axis each pass, where it is quicker and cleaner. Also, all wood varies esp plywood veneers. What some people get, others never will. I’d be very hesitant to follow YouTube or Manufacturers videos. Very few, with notable exceptions, YT’ers tell the truth, sponsored or not. They want those free goodies and constant nay sayers do not get them. Manufacturers just want to sell.