Ikier laser power loss

have a k1 36 watt,power led bar registered full power when lightburn was set to 100%
but now machine laser head output led bar is only showing 75-80 %

Nice machine… I assume it’s this one?

If you have a voltmeter you can measure the pwm input to the laser module and see if 100% is 5V…

I don’t know and I don’t know who knows how this display actually works.

Not knowing how it works, I can’t really give you much advice, as it would be speculation…

Maybe @berainlb has some knowledge on how this works and what you can do to chase down the issue.


I’m not familiar with the function of the LED display. I would assume it maps to duty cycle but that’s purely speculative.

When do you see the power indicator go to 75-80%? Is it during operations with many direction changes? Do you see it during long continuous runs at slow speed? If it varies based on movement type that could be due to variable power modulation.

good thinking,so 0 to 5vdc is the pwm power range that the local laser driver recognizes?

If your machine is using 5V TTL that would be correct for measurements when using a meter. It’s also possible your machine uses 3.3V logic so the range then would be 0-3.3V. For PWM control it’s the duty cycle that determines power level, not the absolute voltage.

But in either case you can infer duty cycle from the voltage value once you determine the signal voltage. 50% power will be 2.5V for a 5V system and 1.65V for a 3.3V system.

Note that there are other more exotic voltages used for signaling but the approach doesn’t change.

thanks,this was a very good reminder of pwm.
it is the effective value through adjusting the active side’s dwell i.e pwm.
I verify tonight…thanks again.

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