IKIER New era for Diode machine?

Hi lightburners…
Ikier just send us the last batch of the new K1 Ultra
36w, auto focus, sinking cut technology and all …
Mine is on his way.
And now they annonce the ProMax ( yes, like the 14…) 48w with a switch to pull it down to 24 w !!
I know that Ikier is Atomstack.
Is there anyone with a Ikier ultra already in use?
Please share with us

Is this the animal…?

Especially with this video of it…

Looks awesome… Amazing it can go 800mm/s, that’s pretty quick, many co2 gantry types can’t go that fast… the X motor is partially visible in the video…

It is a tad expensive…

I assume it supports Lightburn…?

This may be you … with us…

Have fun, keep us posted…


Hello . Yes it is the little beast.
Of course it will work with lightburn. Air assist from within the software, maybe sinking z axis too?
I’ll let you know…
Cant wait to play with it.

A this is the 48w in action !!!

Nice machine… can’t wait to hear about it from you…

Why does it slow dramatically at the end of the pass?


The video is speed up.at the end the real speed

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum.
My name is Rick and I have an addiction. I like to burn things to make prettier things.
My Ikier K1 Ultra 36W Just arrived today.
I assembled it but need to find my real laser eye protection before putting it through it’s paces.
I’ll send pictures and my impressions once I get some time running it.
Kindest Regards,


I hope you’ll keep an eye on the power …
Keep it coming.
I m enjoying mine and trying to release the beast.lol.