Illustrator ACTIONS question

So I am familiar with Photoshop actions and such.
Illustrator doesn’t differ that much… But I do have a problem.

When I draw a circle and want to make the line dotted (line options – dotted). Then this doesn’t work with an Action.
I think it might have something to do with the language setting (Dutch) which I can’t change to English . (Tried several options and several versions of Illustrator)

Can someone with an English Illustrator help me and verify if the Action works there?
Of not… then it is just a malfunction of the software.

I know that Lightburn can also do dotted lines but they don’t have a layout option of the dots like illustrator .

Thank you in advance!

How do you mean, “layout option” - can you elaborate?

Of course I can… or… I will try.

In Illustrator there are basically 2 options for the dotted line.
1 Just equal distance all over the path,. not taking any angles into consideration.

  • Taking corners and edges into consideration; This way the dots are lined up in the corners

  • Lightburn does basically option #1 and that is not always desired for me.


It took me some tinkering.
But I found a work around.
There seems to be a bug in Illustrator when making a dotted line in an action. (it switches two numbers in line properties)
Not sure if that is in every illustrator version or just a language thing.

I got my action to work :slight_smile: And that is what I was after!

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