Illustrator importing without fill


We currently have a laser cutter with AutoLaser (total nightmare) but we’re looking to switch to Lightburn. When I’m importing my design from illustrator, the fill disappears and it’s just outlines. I went to settings and enabled filled rendering as mentioned in another post. I didn’t notice any changes to my design. Is the fill only meant to be visible on preview or should I see it on the main screen too? We currently aren’t hooked up to the machine as we’ll need to purchase a controller.

Thank you!

LightBurn doesn’t import fill / stroke settings from AI files. You’ll need to put the parts of your design that you want filled on their own layer (a color) and set that layer to fill. This video is older, and we’ve changed the terms “Cut” and “Scan” to “Line” and “Fill”, but otherwise everything is the same:

When you have closed shapes on a fill layer, and have filled rendering enabled, they’ll show up in the UI. We do recommend you get used to using LightBurn in “wireframe” mode though, as it’s easier to see if you have overlapping shapes.

Thank you! Very helpful.

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