I'm a streamer who streams my laser cutting work, come on by and say Hi

I stream on Twitch when I do jobs, currently printing up a bunch of business cards. Come by and say hi!

Hi Ian,
As I wrote before, your business cards are beautiful and it is interesting to see how the actual manufacture is. However, your video is far too reminiscent of the videos from Chinese factories that post videos online with their laser production, installation and instructional and sales videos - including the same music. It’s a bit annoying, however, use the same creativity that you use for your business cards for the videos and please at least increase the playback speed.
I hope you take my comment as a constructive suggestion, at least that’s my point.

I’ll take what you said into consideration but you can’t increase the playback speed on a live stream. :rofl:

Nice idea :slight_smile:
Although I quite frequently look at my own laser cutting stuff… I will subscribe!

then you should probably buy a faster laser :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl::+1::wink: