I'm getting flustered with lightburn

I’m trying to mask serval pictures together. I use the line tool to outline what I want to outline; I use node edit tool to smooth things out. I then right click, and mask doesn’t show up even when it’s a closed loop. I have spent around 20 hours trying to do this, watched a lot of videos on how to do it with no success. Also, when I highlight something not all my tools show up to use, some are dark letters and others are light, When I go to burn the back all the back image burns so when the next layer starts to burn its burning over back image. I thought grouping wouldn’t do that?

Can you upload the .lbrn file you’ve been working on to review?

Every tool will have specific conditions that need to be met for the tool to be made available. If it’s grayed out that means those conditions haven’t been met. Can you detail out a specific case of this? Then someone can provide feedback.

Can you include screenshots and photos of what you’re seeing here and provide as much detailed context as you can?

here is the picture. I’m trying to add the girls to the picture. I was able to add the wings to the guy no problem, I grouped the images together, that worked great. But when I burn the guy burns first then the girls. I tried masking out the bottom part of the guy around the girls but It’s not working.

Here is what I do. I import picture then use line tool to outline what I want to show [ I use fill to make sure the loop is closed] I then use node tool to smooth out the picture I then right click outside the picture, picture is highlighted mask does not show up when I right click.

You need to select both the line and the image for a mask to be applied. Only 2 objects can be selected at a time, the mask shape and the image.

If the outline is disappearing try changing the order of the cut layers in the Cut window.

I can’t quite tell what’s going on in the photo but it looks like you’ve got either multiple images or more than 3 selections in that photo.

sounds like I need to start over again. I started out with the wings then masked the guy in, that worked fine when I burn the guy and wings it came out how I wanted it to.

Whatever it is that you want to keep of the image you need to include in a single continuous closed shape. You can also have a group of closed shapes but it’s critical that all shapes be closed and that at the end they are all grouped into a single object. Either hand outline the entire shape taht you want making sure the start and end points converge or use primitive shapes and the boolean tools to combine them into more complex shapes, or a combination of techniques. Again, in the end you need to have a single cohesive close shape or set of closed shapes that you’ve grouped.

Would you be able to upload the images and the current lbrn file?
I’m guessing the top image you have posted is what you want the outcome to ultimately look like without having double burning in places.

I know you’ve stated you’re new to this so some leniency is in order to provide you with thread etiquette. So here goes my wrist slapping but gently. LOL

This is a double-post of the issues you are dealing with. Best to keep everything in a single thread so folks can follow along. They may have the same issues and very easily be unaware of other posts by the same poster. If you bounce along and bring up the issue again with a different title, then you’ll most likely lose some detail along the way that may have been covered in another thread. Hopefully that makes sense and certainly no offence is intended.

I’d be willing to take a look at the file and help you get it in a format that you want quicker than you may be able to. Twenty hours is certainly frustrating and considering the nature of the situation with the deceased and his family, my heart goes out to them.
Noble thing you’re trying to do and probably get done quickly. Let me see if I can help!
After all we’re a community here… so don’t be afraid to ask.

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Merging double posting to limit confusion.

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I’m trying to group together several pictures together and I have two that I grouped together and the third part I can’t. Any suggestions on a youtube video,etc. I’m new to this

You should be able to select all three at the same time and group them. You should also be able to add to an existing group, by selecting the group, then hold the shift key and select the additional items you would like to add to the group. Once you have the selection you’d like, press the ‘Group’ button near the top-center.

Show us what you are doing, the exact step-by-steps used, and the results you observe, so we can “see” what you do, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Note: The marquee changes to signify that it is a group. Grouped objects will have a dot-dot-dash pattern marquee, where objects that are not a part of a group will display with a dash-only marquee.

I used the pen to outline what I wanted to mask, then I used edit node tool to fix any problems. I was able to join the wings on the top picture, but when I tried to add the bottom picture, I can’t group them together. When I try blending the two pictures the girls by left clicking the mouse button and layering. The girls go behind the top picture. I probably didn’t explain it well, I’m new to this. The guy on top is a good friend’s brother who was killed a month ago, and the girls are his daughters, it’s going to be a memorial to him. I have around 20 hours into trying to figure out how to do layer pictures

Put the images on different layers and rearranging the layers should do the trick.

I’m done with it. I’m new to laser engraving and don’t understand some of the stuff. I try to explain in full detail but apparently, I’m doing it wrong. Merge double posting? Damn I don’t know how to do that. I’ll keep trying to figure it out on my own.

Thanks for the advice. So I need to start over what my problem is and write a book? I don’t mean to be sarcastic. There needs to be a video to show how its done. I have watched several and did what they said, and it still doesn’t work. I’ll up load two pictures to explain that way you can see it.

Rick (Staff) has already merged the two posts.

I didn’t ask you to merge them, only suggest you keep the information flowing in a single thread and not to continue adding new threads. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

You stated you’re “done with it”. I’m guessing that doesn’t mean the project is complete, just that you’re walking away from it for the time being.

Let me see if I can explain what I think you are attempting to do and get some concurrence from you.

You have two images already (the wings and the man) in the state that you want them.
You now want the image of the girls under that previous group to be added but not have them “double burn” over the first image or vice versa.
You’ve drawn an outline around the ladies and attempted to apply a mask the them, I’m not sure whether that has worked as I’m confused beyond that point.

Question: Rather than attempting masking at this point, why not try the Cut Shapes routine? I put together a quick explanation this morning. Maybe that will help.

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We noticed you posted something to the forum twice and Rick tidied it up by merging the two posts together. Most often, we try to make a point of concentrating our efforts on one thread or line of forum posts rather than splitting focus and leaving two or three similar or identical questions to twist in the wind separately.

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Really appreciate the help I’ll try that.

Thanks. I try and do a better job next time. Have a good day.

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