Im new and need help with the Lightburn software

I dont know if its me or if its the software. On the “cut” window there is a description beside each number and color. It should tell if is each line is suppose to be cut and at what speed and power. However, in the box under “mode” where it should say “cut” my only options are; line, fill, and offset fill. Can someone please tell me how to cut? Please! I only have a week left on my free trial and still cant get this to work. I guess I should have never tried something new, lol. I just want to see if I can do this this or not without putting anymore money back into it. Trying a new hobby to get rid of stress, its not working!! Thanks

All layers are “cut” layers. Some cut lines, some cut images, some cut area fills. “Cut” in this instance means “burn with the laser”.

To actually cut out a shape completely you would use a line mode with high power and slow speed. How high power and how slow speed?

That depends on a lot of things including your laser power, the material type and its thickness.

To determine the best setting you can generate a file that tests different speeds and powers of the line mode.

Run this on the material you want to use.

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Thank you so much!

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