I'm newbie in Lightburn. Having difficulty to resize photo and putting it to work

Hello, all. I want to engrave the photo with laser. I open the photo in Lightburn, resize it manually (pulling its corners) in order to define its final size. But. No matter what size of the photo I define, when I start the machine (or even check the work frame with FRAME button), it is the same area, it doesn’t change. Intuitively, it needs to be very easy, just pull corner, resize and burn…What I’m missing?:frowning:

Thank you in advance.

Some details about your machine would be useful. Your profile lists “1307toxa” in the ‘Machines’ section, which is not a machine or controller I’ve ever heard of.

The process you described is exactly how it works - You can resize with the drag corner handles, or you can set the size with numbers in the upper toolbar. If your output is not changing size, there is something very strange going on. Can you show a screen shot of what you are trying to engrave?

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